Catia v5: Great Tips & Tricks

Convert a 2D drawing view (in dwg format) into a 3D Part using advance part modelling options of Catia v5

You Can use any 2D view with various drawing objects (even in dwg format) to create a 3D Solid.

  • Copy the 2D view from CATIA drafting screen into Sketcher as sketch.
  • As the sketch contains multiple Profiles you cannot make a solid feature by simply selectingthe given sketch, as an error prompts: Several Open Profiles.
  • If you select ‘yes’ the Feature definition box appears.
  • Right click in blue area in front of ‘Profile/Surface Selection’
  • Click on ‘Go to Profile Definition’ in Contextual menu
  • Profile Definition Dialog Box opens
  • Select the Part of Sketch you want to use for that feature.
  • You can go on creating other features using same sketch but different sub profiles to make thefinal 3D Part.

This method also helps in reducing the number of sketches in your Part history tree while modelling complex solids and better management of features using sketches.

Key in values in combination of units or in formulas in Catia v5 dialog boxes

You can key in values in any CATIA V5 dialog box in the following formats irrespective of theStandard set units. For example if the length Units are set in mm and you are keying in the valuefor PAD length (as shown in Fig. 1)

Catia Tips

You can key in 10 inches and the PAD will measure 254mm (as shown in Fig. 2)

Catia Tips

Also try to key in ((5in*6)/4) +9mm+500micron and click Preview the PAD will measure 200mm. The software automatically computes the entered values (even in the form of complex formula with combined units) equal to the units set in the CAT Part and generate features with correct computed measurements.

Create a hole with reference to centre of another hole in a block or plate using hole feature in Catia V5

  1. Hole Command.
  2. Select the face of block/plate.
  3. Select the sketcher icon.
Catia Tips
       4.  Rotate the view.
       5.  Create two constraints Horizontal Measure& Vertical Measure between Axis of previous hole and the Centre Point of new Hole.
catia Tips
       6.  Exit the Sketcher Work-bench and give OK in Hole Dialog-box. New hole located from centre of previoushole is created.
catia Tips

Create multiple corners on selected points on a profile in one step

  1. Draw the required complex Profile inCATIA V5 Sketcher.
Catia Tips
       2. Multi-select all the points on the profile where the corners are required and select the Corner icon Key in Radius value.
       3. The corners are created at all theselected points on the profile with given radius.
Catia Tips
       4. For modifying the radius of all the corners in one step just double click on firstselected corner(without f(x) symbol) and key in the new value all the corners getupdated to new value.
Catia Tips

The all corners created on the profile with this method are related to the firstselected corner with aformula. But if required the formula can be modified ordeleted in order to change the radius of anycorner independent of the others.

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